ENG – Categories

Categories MTB 24h

solo :

men U23/ men 24-39 y.o. /men 40-49 y.o. /men 50-59y.o. / men 60 and above

women U23/ women 24-39 y. o. / women 40 and above

doubles :

2-team men under 39y.o. /2-team men 40 and above/ 2-team women/ 2-team mix

4teams :

4-team men under 39y.o. /4-team men 40 and above/ 4-team women/ 4-team mix

Categories may be merged if there is less than 3 teams in each aid category (e.g. mix + men open)

Categories MTB 12h

solo :  Men / Women

doubles :  2-team men / 2-team women / 2-team mix

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