ENG – Proposition

Date 7.9. – 8.9. 2024  Location : SOKOLOV

Gps of the location

  1. Application

Online on the website (www.sokolovska24mtb.cz)

Or in person at the location of the race

Online application are due

  • 1.6.- 31.7. 2024  reduced price
  • 1.8. – 29.8. 2024: regular price
  • 6.9 – 7.9. 2024 : at the location of the race during registration

Payment methods:

Bank transfer : RB: 918257002/5500

IBAN : CZ4455000000000918257002, BIC : RZBCCZPP

V symbol shall be further specified

Take the information about valid payment with you to the registration

  1. Classification conditions

Only those who reach the distance necessary / 6 laps (eg every member of the team is obliged to do this) can be Considered part of the tournament

Within the 4team mix category, women must reach at least 20 percent of collective number of laps to be qualified

In the category OPEN contestants are not included in age categories

Only those who start their first lap (10:00 and 10:59:59) and end (11:59:59 the next day) within the given limit can be considered part of the tournament

  1. Race track

There is one race track for all categories

The swaps of team members can only be done at a specific spot of the race track (will be further announced)

  1. Race area

The natural dam Michal, SOKOLOV  http://www.michal-sokolov.cz/

  1. Timekeeper

Provided by TimeChip. The racers will acquire a chip during the presentation with the race number.

  1. Compulsory equipment

The only permitted vehicles that can be used during the tournament are mountain bikes or track in a technical satisfactory condition. Every entrant is obliged the use of additional lights white color for the front light and red non-flashing light for the rear light

  1. Bike technical support

The technical support will be available September During the 7 th and 8 th 2024

  1. Requirements for the enrolment into the tournament

All entrants must obey the official tournament regulation for mountain bikes in the Czech Republic. All entrants must have an application form, properly filled in and signed, to be officially enrolled into the tournament. By providing a signature, the entrant expresses their understanding of the conditions of the tournament and declares that:

– understand that the event is running in full road traffic and will complete with the applicable traffic rules

– participate at their own risk. They will use a cycling helmet protective response throughout the tournament

– They are not aware of any health-related obstacle that would prevent them from participating in the tournament

– That understands the organizer is not responsible for any possible damage and health matters unless it is proved that the entrant is to blame (if not using the storage provided by the organizer)

– the organizer does not take responsibility for any form of damage caused by entrant’s action during the tournament

– Entrants of the age 15 to 18 could only participate with a written consent of legal guardian, and must be present also response throughout the tournament with the entrant

Proclamation of the entrants in the Sokolov MTB-24-tournamnet

I understand, That the tournament takes place on public communications during normal and unlimited traffic. I must adjust my actions to this reality to avoid possible any injuries and / or property damage. I was acquainted with all possible risks by the organizer. I must obey the traffic rules, tournament rules and instructions organizer’s. I participate in the tournament at my own risks and I shall not any claim of claims against the organizer arising out of liability for damage arising in direct connection with the event unless droughts liability has been agreed with the organizer in advance.

  1. Results

The results will be posted within the areal MICHAL 1.5 hour after the tournament at the latest. Any objections can be proclaimed within 30 minutes after the tournament with CZK 500 / EUR 20 guarantee. With the signature organizer’s the results sheet is considered definite. Any further complains or reclamation shall not be taken into consideration.